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Akzent -1:  Impaktszenario in einem kreationistischen Kurzzeit-Weltmodell -
sowie Anmerkungen zur 'biblisch-urgeschichtlichen Geologie'

September 2004
(Akzent -1: Impact scenario in a creationist short-time world model -
plus remarks on the 'geology of biblical primeval history')
'Akzent -1' deals with the creationist Bible interpretation, especially of the German variety, which I investigated during the early nineties. Biblical creationism, too, is kind of a quantitative interpretation of the Bible. For instance, the numbers of the Genesis pedigrees are being taken literally in order to calculate an approximation of the world's age. So the world is believed to have been created only about 6000 - 10000 years ago.

In 1994 I delivered a talk to the geology group of the Studiengemeinschaft Wort und Wissen, Germany's leading creationist association, concerning the problem of dozens of major comet and asteroid impacts at the time of Noah's flood. My conclusion was that it is not possible to 'reconcile' a literal reading of the Bible with the geological interpretation of the data given by the impact craters.

10 years later I reworked the script of that talk and wrote an additional article on the new creationist approach to geology by
the Studiengemeinschaft, which they call 'geology of biblical primeval history'. After years of discussions with other groups around the world, they have concluded that 'flood geology' in its narrower sense does not work, i.e. the notion of almost all catastrophic events - as recorded in Historical Geology - having happened during the one flood year (or possibly - in part - soon after the flood), is considered to be wrong.

Both papers are available in German only. I am sorry, but they are rather long and they do not directly concern the main theme of my homepage. You will find these papers on Thomas Waschke's pages www.waschke.de  "Evolution oder Schöpfung?" ("Evolution or Creation?") under the heading 'Artikel', "Impakte sprechen gegen eine junge Erde"...

The main feature of the new 'geology of biblical primeval history' is a shift of the main geological activity into the time between the fall and the flood. I think that this new approach is doomed to failure and should be abandoned altogether. The reasons are:
'geology of biblical primeval history' is based on the false hope of being able to decisively reduce (compared to 'flood geology') the lethal energy flow of catastrophic geological processes which are to be expected when fitting the entire Historical Geology into a couple of millenia.
-It shifts the lion's share of processes of the 'flood-geological kind' into the time before the flood, thus reducing the literary concept of biblical primeval history to absurdity.
-It makes the same severe exegetical mistake that its proponants reproach the so-called restitution theory (
gap theory) with, but to a higher degree: It puts itself into the first chapters of Genesis.

December 2005:

Two additional articles are to be found on Thomas Waschke's website.

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